Samsung Adds iPhone 5 to Ongoing Patent Case

Plus: The Eagles are in first place, a violent Monday in North Philly, a voter ID decision expected today, and more of what the city is talking about today.

Samsung Ads iPhone to Patent Case. An ongoing patent dispute between Apple and Samsung has gotten a little hairier now that Samsung has added complaints about the iPhone 5 to the pending case. Hint: the complaints aren’t that the maps app sucks. The company alleges that Apple’s newest toy violated eight of its patents. [USA Today]

Decision Due on Voter ID. Today is the deadline for Commonwealth Court Judge Robert Simpson to issue his ruling on Pennsylvania’s voter ID law. The Supreme Court has ordered that he issue his ruling by the end of the day. [CBS 3]

UPDATE: Commonwealth Court Judge Robert Simpson issued his ruling, halting the voter ID law. Ironically, here’s a video of a guy telling a reporter he voted for Obama a few times back in ’08.

“Year of the Bible” Challenge Dismissed. A district court judge dismissed a lawsuit filed by an atheist group over Pennsylvania’s “Year of the Bible” legislation. He also chastised the state government for pandering. [Inquirer]

Violent Monday in Philly. Three people were killed in a span of three hours in Philly on Monday evening. All three shootings occurred in North Philly. [Daily News]

Ugh. Nats Clinch. The Phils are closing out a disappointing 2012 campaign with three games in Washington. Last night, Kyle Kendrick and the Phils earned themselves a victory, but a Braves loss meant that the Nationals were celebrating anyway. Is it April yet? [Phillies]

Rusty Water in University City. Philadelphia Water Department urges University City residents to cool it with the water use after reports of rusty water surfaced. The rusty water isn’t a health concern, but officials urge that people limit use of the water until the system is cleared. []

Birds Are in First Place. Dallas was shellacked by Chicago on Monday Night, which means that the 3-1 Eagles are atop the NFC East standings. The cheese stands alone, the cheese stands alone… []