Gay Bars Join Toast

Yuengling celebrates National Drink Beer Day with a free toast

Courtesy of Yuengling

Already recognized as one of America’s most popular breweries, Yuengling has also become the country’s largest American-owned brewery. To celebrate, Yuengling wants to thank the city that has played a very significant role in supporting it for decades with free lager. At 6:30 p.m. on Sept. 28 during “National Drink Beer Day,” Philadelphians who are 21 and older are invited to receive a free bottle of lager and a personal thank-you from fifth-generation President and Owner Dick Yuengling.

“Ever since my great-great grandfather brewed our first bottle of beer in 1829, Philadelphians have been supporting us and pushing us to grow,” says Yuengling. “The truth is, without Philadelphia, we simply would not be where we are today. The city has truly shown our family business brotherly love, and we’d like to raise a glass to that. Now that we’re the largest American-owned brewery, it’s time we say thanks in the most appropriate way – with a Lager on us.”

In partnership with distributor Origlio Beverage, Yuengling will supply more than 10,000 bottles of free beer to more than 250 bars across the five-county Greater Philadelphia region – both in the city and suburbs. One of Yuengling’s daughters, Jennifer Yuengling, will also make a special appearance at Chickie’s & Pete’s on Packer Avenue in South Philadelphia to join in the celebration. And if you tune your TV to Comcast SportsNet, you can watch a special toast to Philly from the historic Pottsville brewery.

There are even some gay bars involved in the toast – including Tabu, U Bar, Woody’s and Westbury. 

“At the end of the day, what matters most is my family’s aggressive commitment to producing an original quality product that people love,” says Yuengling. “Our distribution network is strong, and it’s our dedicated team of employees, our family values, and, of course, loyal Lager drinkers, that have led to that growing network.”

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