Guy Who Considered Assassinating Ed Rendell Crashes Spanier Presser

Former federal judge and former federal prosecutor Timothy K. Lewis—the lawyer representing former Penn State University president Graham Spanier—held a press conference in Philadelphia, today, to blast the findings detailed in the Freeh Report that condemned Spanier, Joe Paterno, and other Penn State officials. “This can only be seen as a cynical attempt by a biased investigator…in order to support his version of the truth. And that is sad,” he said.” [NBC Philadelphia]

At one point during the press conference, Greg Bucceroni—the man who says Jerry Sandusky tried to pay $200 to have sex with him as part of the child sex ring that allegedly involved a Philadelphia businessman known as “Uncle Eddie”—interrupted Lewis right before the feed to the press conference ended.

Wednesday night on World News With Diane Sawyer, Spanier will speak out for the first time since the Penn State scandal broke.