Questlove’s Beastie Boys Mix Proves He’s More Productive During His Lunch Break Than You Are All Day

What did you do during your lunch break today? If you’re anything like us, you probably waited in line at Nom Nom Ramen or barely managed to make it to Wawa and back before you needed to get back to work. Well, in the amount of time it takes for you to stuff your face or otherwise not contribute to society, Questlove can turn out an awesome mix like the one he made for the behind-the-scenes folks leading up the Beastie Boys’ Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction. He released it earlier this week in honor of the birthday of late Beastie Boy MCA (Adam Yauch). He posted the mix along with a description of how he decided what to include and what to leave out. [Soundcloud]

?uestlove x Beastie Boys Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Demo Mix by okayplayer