Cake Shop Says No to Gay Couple

Another couple is turned away at another cake shop for being gay

Photo by Think Stock

Dave Mullins and Charlie Craig are planning to tie the knot in Provincetown, Mass., this September. But when they tried to order a wedding cake from Masterpiece Cakeshop in Denver, the owner told the couple that he doesn’t bake cakes for gay weddings.

It’s a sentiment that’s also echoed on the bakery’s Yelp page, where other users say they, too, were turned away for being gay. The page is now being used to air complaints about the bakery’s homophobia – making the ratings for Masterpiece plummet.

“Shame on you for discriminating against someone based on their sexual preference,” writes Caroline F. “I will never purchase a cake from you,” adds Reyna S. “Even if you were the last bakery around, I would do without rather than purchase from you.”

The reason the shop’s giving for turning away the gay couple? They don’t make cakes for “illegal” things like commitment ceremonies. But the joke’s on them really since same-sex marriage is 100 percent legal in Massachusetts, where the couple plans to wed.

“This is the first time I’ve ever been refused service at a business because I was gay,” Mullins said in a statement. “I want [the cakeshop] to know that what [they] did hurt us. All we wanted was a cake. We didn’t want [the owner] to put on a rainbow shirt and march in the gay pride parade. This is me standing up for my community’s rights.”

Interestingly, Colorado actually prohibits discrimination like this. According to the state law, “Colorado Law prohibits discrimination in places of public accommodation based on certain protected classes (characteristics).” Examples of prohibited discriminatory practices include: terms of service; denial of full and equal service; intimidation; failure to accommodate; access; conditions; privileges; advertising; and retaliation. Restaurants and other businesses fall under this category.

Aside from the blatant discrimination, we’re always surprised when an independent shop turns down more business in this economy. We hope the guys consider supporting a cake shop closer to their nuptials – we can think of many independent bakeries on the Cape that would be happy to have their business and happily be a part of their big gay.

A boycott of Masterpiece is also already in the works. Stay tuned.