Celeb Scoop: Will Smith Gets Biblical Behind the Camera?

Plus: You won't believe why a woman is suing the Biebs, the Wizard of Oz prequel trailer drops, American Idol is self-destructing, and more of today's celebrity news.

Will Smith Wants to Get Biblical. The action star is looking to make his directorial debut with a redemption film about brothers Cain and Abel. The vehicle is under the working title The Redemption of Cain and Smith will likely star, as well. [Deadline]

Woman Sues Justin Bieber. She’s alleging she lost her hearing because the pop star was negligent while prompting screaming fans to, well, be screaming fans. The woman wants $9.23 million for her alleged permanent ear damage. [Gawker]

American Idol‘s Changes. Steven Tyler: out. JLo: probably out. Randy Jackson: maybe out as a judge, but to stay on as a mentor. Enter: Mariah Carey, Fergie, and Adam Lambert? [Us Magazine]

The Great and Powerful Oz. The prequel to the classic film is set to premiere in March of 2013. It stars James Franco and Mila Kunis. The trailer hit the web this week.

Meek Mill Beefs With Pastor. This is just a classic tale of criminal cleans his act up so he can help other criminals clean their acts up, but also uses the fact that he cleaned his act up as an opportunity to beef with rappers with rap sheets. Meek Mill and North Philly minister Jomo Johnson have it out on HOT 107.9. [Daily News]