10 Facebook Friends You Should Unfriend Now

Save yourself from the most annoying people on the Internet.

Anyone with a Facebook profile has this dilemma: when is the right time to unfriend someone? If the person makes callous, offensive comments, the choice is pretty obvious. But for others—those who simply annoy the crap out of you—it isn’t as simple. Perhaps, you do as some suggest and unfriend those who are Nickelback fans. (For a list of your Nickelback-loving friends, click here.) Or, save your time and sanity, and immediately unfriend (or block) the following people. Names blocked to protect the fabricated.


1. The Boss
Kinda hard to call out sick when you checked in at Ladder 15 last night at 1:13am.

2. The Passive Aggressive



3. The Wannabe Politico
We were taught never to talk about politics or religion, but some friends never learned this. Treating Facebook as a bully pulpit, they forget that hundreds of us—who may not agree with them—will read their updates while drinking our morning coffee. An occasional update is acceptable, but a continuous, barrage of tax reform posts is annoying. We just want them to like our witty post from yesterday.

4. The Mundane Reporter




5. The Niece (or Other Family Member)
Your 13-year-old niece just commented on the picture of you doing a keg stand in your underwear.

6. The Depressed


7. The Artsy, Quote Re-poster
They never met an inspirational quote or a Successories they didn’t like or feel the need to share.

8. The Consistently Late to the Party





9. The Creeper
Remember that photo of you from 1987 that your friend posted two years ago? Well you just got notified that the guy you friended (but don’t really know that well) liked it and left the comment, “hawt!” So what troubles you more: the realization that it probably took him quite some time to go through all 453 of your photos to find it, or that the comment was in regards to your junior high self?

10. The Inappropriate Liker