In the Closet: Walter Fralix

Country boy meets city couture

Photo by Christopher Leaman

While most people post about where they are and what they ate, Walter Fralix’s Facebook page is stockpiled with links to high-fashion collections that seem to bounce between the classic and the avant-garde. Though he’s been in a wheelchair since he was a kid, his sophisticated tastes make him a kind of fashion chameleon with a wardrobe replete with the perfect look for just about any occasion – a day of sailing, an afternoon at the beach or even a quick trip to Reykjavik, one of this worldly Gayborhood denizen’s favorite destinations.

HOME: Gayborhood.

PROFESSION: Architectural consultant.

AGE: 36.

HOMETOWN: Walterboro, S.C. “I’ve lived in Philly for 10 years now.”

STYLE INSPIRATION: “My dad. He was the original honey badger. Not that he has a style I want to emulate, but he gave me the ability to go a bit out of my sartorial comfort zone. That’s how I discovered my love of boldly colored shoes.”

FAVORITE SUMMER LOOK: “This will be my first summer at the beach full time, so I see a lot of rolled-up jeans with boat shoes, an unlined jacket that looks better wrinkled (who wants to iron when there are cocktails to be had?) and some not-so-deep V-necks. Stop buying all your tees at American Apparel, guys!”

MUST-HAVE ACCESSORY: “Hands down, a tan. It’s the cheapest, most flattering thing a person can have.”

MOST INTERESTING ACCESSORY: “I have a dog collar that I wear as a bracelet.”

CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT: A cap. “There are always days when all I want to do is head out to meet friends for a cocktail and not worry about what my hair is doing. My current favorite is a modern take on a flat cap designed by Rike Feurstein out of Berlin.”

FAVORITE DESIGNER: Raf Simons. “The man is not afraid of color, and he’s been doing interesting silhouettes for men.”



MOST WANTED ITEM: “There’s a turquoise leather sleeveless T-shirt in Raf Simons’s spring-summer collection that is making me very happy that I’m not a member of PETA.”

MOST SURPRISING ITEM: A pair of sheer leggings. “It was part of a Halloween costume from a few years back, and for some reason, I keep them thinking I’ll wear them out again. Here’s hoping I never get that opportunity.”

BIGGEST FASHION REGRET: “The outfit I wore a couple of years ago for Valentine’s Day: red patent-leather ankle boots, red skinny jeans, a red oxford and a black vest.  Never will I do a themed outfit again, and—as you can guess—I was single at that time.”

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