Celeb Scoop: Will Smith Can Play Barack Obama (Because of Their Ears)

Plus: Philly native celebulawyer gets entangled in the Travolta scandal, Snooki's out of the Jersey Shore house, Brad Pitt's a menace, and more of today's celebrity news.

Will Smith Thinks He’s Barack Obama. Will Smith recently confessed that he aspires to play President Barack Obama in a movie and believes that he’d be the most natural choice for the role, ya know, because of the ears. [Huffington Post]

Gloria Allred Lawsuits. Southwest Philly and celebulawyer Gloria Allred native is now tangled up in the John Travolta scandal after she’s been accused stealing the alleged victims as clients. She’s been sued by their former lawyer and is threatening a counter-suit. [NY Post]

Snooki Out of Jersey Shore House. Snookie has decided that she’ll be getting her own place instead of moving back into the Jersey Shore house for the filming of season six. Probably a smart idea because the Jersey Shore house doesn’t exactly strike us as an ideal environment for a pregnant woman. [TMZ]

Lady Gaga Performs Despite Protests. Christian youths in the Phillipines have been protesting Lady Gaga’s scheduled concerts in Manila. Lady Gaga said that if she was arrested for the content of her performance she’d just get Beyonce to bail her out. [E!]

Brad Pitt Is Scary. Word out of Cannes is that Brad Pitt kills it as the creepy mob triggerman in Killing Them Softly. [EW]

Walking Dead Returns. Americans have gone a few months without their zombie fix. Well, here’s the Season 3 trailer. Eat your heart—and brains—out. [The Wrap]