Why We Love Wendy Williams Headlining Pride

The talk show diva is coming to Philly - and we're getting ready with some questions and shout outs

Courtesy of The Wendy Show

When it was announced that Wendy Williams – host of The Wendy Show – would be headlining Philly Pride this year (June 10) at Penn’s Landing, we let out a big “How you doin’?” in her honor.

We are total fans of her campy morning talk show – and loved her even way back when the Jersey girl was a radio DJ on Power 99 FM.

But did you know her famous catchphrase was actually inspired by closeted hip-hop artists? Yep, Wendy would throw down a “How you doin’?” whenever a gay rapper or musician on the “down low” appeared on her show with a wink-wink to her gay fans. That’s why we love that the Queen of All Media will become queen for a day at Philly Pride.

We understand that fans will have a chance to email the talk diva in advance of her Philly appearance. We have a few of our own questions and top reasons we love us some Wendy at 2012 Pride. For anyone who’s watched her show and knows all about Wendyisms – she’s a friend in our head.

1. Will she bring the shoe cam? Admittedly, the lesbians may be sporting the usual Sapphic footwear (hello, Tivas!), but rest assured that the drag queens will no doubt be bringing out the high heels in honor of next month’s party on the riverfront.

2. Speaking of which, any Wendy Williams impersonators out there? We’re putting out the call right now to all the queens reading this. We can’t think of anything that would make Wendy more proud than a couple of Amazonian queens sporting her favorite looks, er, wigs. Take note, folks: She’s also a big fan of Dolly Parton, Natalie Cole and – of course – Whitney Houston.

3. Remember when she hosted the A-List reunion show? Let’s hope the Philly boys bring it that day so Wendy has even more to talk about on her show. We can always spot the gay boys and girls in her audience. We also all know she’s truly a reality TV junky – how else can she explain her stint on Dancing With the Stars?

4. Got Adorn by Wendy? As if she needs yet another Philly connection, girl has a line of jewelry being sold on QVC these days. And it’s all about the sparkles.

5. Anyone know where to get a Wonder Woman mug? Wendy likes to drink tea from her Wonder Woman mug on her morning show. If we want to her to feel at home in Philly, we predict a Wonder Woman theme in the making – mug and all. Someone please tell Franny Price.

Philly Pride, June 10, noon – 6 p.m., Penn’s Landing, 201 S. Columbus Blvd.