Report: John Bolaris Replacement Is the “Anti-Bolaris”

The television-industry gossip site FTV Live is reporting that Fox 29 has finally found a replacement for meteorologist John Bolaris, who memorably left the station after a certain story in a certain porno mag about a certain meteorologist and his unfortunate run-in with two ill-intentioned Eastern European beauties in Miami Beach. According to the report, which is only available via subscription, Fox 29 has hired popular Weather Channel personality Scott Williams, right, whom the story describes as the “anti John Bolaris,” in part because he attends church regularly. It’s also worth noting that Williams’ musical tastes, according to his Weather Channel bio, include local favorites Boyz II Men but also, sadly, Coldplay.

The FTV Live report goes on to say that the Comcast-owned Weather Channel tried to get Williams to stick around but that Fox 29 GM Dennis Bianchi, who was until recently at the Comcast-owned NBC 10, made Williams an offer he couldn’t refuse. Perhaps a final parting shot at Bianchi’s old bosses? A Fox spokesperson in New York was not immediately available for comment.