Ever Wonder About This Place?

Finally, we get a peek inside the most expensive home in Philly. And it's in the Gayborhood!

Inside the modern gray outpost at 12th and Latimer (courtesy of Curbed)

It’s contemporary facade stands out on the 12th Street block it shares with assorted walkups and ICandy in the heart of the Gayborhood. We’ve all walked past it hundreds of times or more and probably wondered: Is it a residence? An office? A super hero’s lair? Until now, many of us have probably never actually stepped foot inside the Latimer House. But thanks to Curbed, we now have a chance to gawk at it from the inside out ever since it was put on the market.

Just don’t judge this book by its cover. The private home – built in the early 90s – features a sprawling courtyard (sprawling as in 2,000 square feet of outdoor space of almost 6,000 square feet in total) with three bedrooms, five baths, a multi-car garage and sun deck. The location, style and brag-worthiness make it the most expensive public listing for a single-family home in Center City at the moment. It can be all yours for a cool $6.2 million.

But that stainless steel kitchen, that sun deck, that courtyard – that proximity to Knock and Venture Inn! We won’t lie, it’s already on our if-we-won-the-lottery wish list. Power Ball, anyone?