Inside Heads & Tails

A new boutique salon opens March 29 - and the owners share some secrets with us about head-to-toe style

Courtesy of Heads and Tails

Heads & Tails Beauty Boutique is hosting a grand opening on March 29. As a provider of blowouts and waxing, it’s the first salon of its kind in the city. We talked to the owners Jenne Doyle and Dana Morrison – both Philly natives – about how to have an upscale beauty experience without always paying the high prices. As we get ready for the summer, they give us some tips about how to look fresh and fabulous with a beach-ready body (goodbye, unsightly hair – hello blowout).

A lot of gay guys and gals have short hair. But can you actually blow out a short style?

Depending on how you like your hair to be styled, you can absolutely blow out short hair. However, if you’re a wash-and-go type person, keeping your hair and scalp healthy is just as important, so consider a Phyto brand scalp and hair conditioning treatment in between haircuts or color. Whether your hair is cropped short or kept long, it’s the perfect way to add hydration and nourishment to your scalp and hair.

What’s a great product for someone who’s always at the gym – does that dry shampoo really work?

The product we love here at the salon is actually an on-the-go “wipette” called Sweet Spots. They’re cleansing and cooling wipes that can be purchased here and kept in your gym tote, and used to refresh any part of the body that needs freshening. Dry shampoo is a great option to buy you an extra day in between shampoos, or just to freshen your hairstyle after any workout. Believe it or not, we found the Suave brand to be the best! It has a very light scent and doesn’t leave a heavy residue behind.

Which celebs are sporting great new looks that could be recreated this spring season?

We really believe the best look of the season- is the look you feel most comfortable in. There’s no sense in cutting, coloring or styling your hair to look super trendy, then realize it doesn’t work for your lifestyle. Keep in mind, some of your favorite celebs have a full-time staff working on making them look so fabulous!

Waxing. Some people love it. Others hate it. Any secrets in making people feel more comfortable?

We love our LGBT clients and we make everyone feel comfortable. Anyone who comes in can feel comfortable having any waxing service done in a professional, and private environment. Who doesn’t enjoy relaxing with a glass of wine while having a conditioning treatment or blow out – or waxing? We know we do! We’ll make you feel like the fabulous person you are.

Heads & Tails, 265 S. 19th Street, 215-875-8343.