Gay Adoption: A Reality is looking for prospective gay and lesbian parents. Plus: A special event at Neiman Marcus

Clayton Lord and Seth Miller always knew they wanted children. But when the couple married four years ago, they were faced with the high cost of adoption. Being a same-sex couple didn’t always help either since many states and agencies discriminated against couples just like them.

“We were concerned about paying for the adoption and being prepared for the baby to come home,” Lord told People magazine. It can cost as must as $50,000 to adopt a child in the United States today.

That’s when they found, a national nonprofit that offers financial assistance in the form of adoption grants. And unlike a lot of other organizations that may have turned a couple like Lord and Miller away, this one doesn’t discriminate whether someone is in a same-sex relationship or is single.

“Our doors are wide open to the LGBT community and single parents,” says Becky Fawcett, the co-founder and executive director (formerly of Philadelphia magazine), “as well as heterosexual married couples.”

For a couple like Miller and Lord, the $5,000 grant they received from did just that – it helped them adopt a beautiful baby girl who’s getting ready to celebrate her second birthday (they adopted her when she was just nine months old).

“Cici has changed our lives,” Lord explained to the magazine.

Fawcett is hoping that more would-be gay and lesbian parents like Lord and Miller will also inquire about available grants during the next cycle in June. That’s why she’s hosting an event (March 8th) at Neiman Marcus (6 – 8 p.m.). The fashion show and cocktail event is hoping to raise both money and awareness for the nonprofit, which has been helping dozens of individuals and couples fund adoptions for the last few years.

“What sets us apart from other adoption grant organizations is that we don’t define family or adoption,” says Fawcett, who has faced criticism from people who object against gays and lesbians raising kids. But that has not slowed her down – at all. As an adoptive mother herself – along with her husband, also the co-founder of – they’ve created the organization to help other individuals and couples be able to afford to adopt and to, in the end, give kids happy homes regardless of sexual orientation.

In fact, Fawcett is actively reaching out to the LGBT community in hopes of helping to subsidize often pricey adoptions with much-needed grants. She told us that she’s hoping more gays and lesbians interested in adoption reach out to learn more about how they that potentially can save thousands in costs.

“One of the guiding principles behind the mission of is to be open and offer help to
families of all types,” she says. “In our opinion, family is family – period. Love is love. And if adoption is how you chose to build your family, we’re here to help.” is currently accepting applications for the cycle of grants in June of this year. The application deadline is April 13th. Click here for the free application.

And to read more about Fawcett’s experience with children and adoption, check out her blog “Infertile Blonde” by clicking here.

Here’s an interview with Fawcett on CNN:’s Fashion Show and Cocktails, March 8, 6 – 8 p.m., Neiman Marcus, 170 N. Gulph Rd., King of Prussia, 917-684-5484.