Scouts Reject City Deal

After a year, the proposed settlement between Philly and the Boy Scouts is over


Courtesy of Google Street View

The Daily News reports that the settlement between the City of Philadelphia and the Cradle of Liberty Council of the Boy Scouts of America is kaput. According to today’s news report, the scouts decided to dissolve the settlement after City Council wouldn’t approve it for more than a year.

Initially, the city wanted to sell the building the scouts were occupying at 22nd and Winter streets for $200,000 – considered by many to be a ridiculously low price. LGBT activists were especially outraged, not only that the scouts – which discriminate against gay people by not allowing them to join or lead – were able to occupy a city-owned property, but that the city would offer to sell the building for such a low price.

The ACLU and LGBT leaders both voiced opposition to the deal, saying it was rewarding the scouts for their discriminatory practices.

But the deal was dissolved as of last week, says The Daily News. No word on what happens next.