UPDATED Staphmeal: Mayor Nutter’s “Possible Mistress”

Remember Staphmeal? It’s that blog that emerged last year, saying all sorts of nasty things about folks like Georges Perrier and Shola Olunloyo before Georges Perrier and Shola Olunloyo went to court, the guy behind the site ( Joshua Scott Albert) was outed, and Philadelphia magazine published a full-blown feature article on the whole thing in December. Well, Staphmeal is back with a snappy new design and making good on promises to keep up the, uh, good fight. Moments ago, Albert published his latest masterwork, “Mayor Nutter’s Naughty Affairs & Strange Business Deals” in which he points to a “possible mistress” and includes a photo of the two of them at an outing, refers to the mayor as “drunk,” and then rather imaginatively manages to tie the whole thing to that $3 million subsidy the city gave to the Inquirer and Daily News to help fund their move to Market Street. I asked Albert if he had contacted the mayor’s press office about the allegations. His response: “No, that’s for journalists to do.” So I did call Nutter’s press secretary Mark McDonald, who had no immediate comment but said he’d get back to me.

UPDATE 1/10/2012 3:00 p.m.: McDonald’s comment: “This is completely false, outrageous, and crazy.”