Keystone Progress Selects Heroes

Who are the most progressive politicians in PA?

LGBT issues are part of the equation, particularly the issue of requiring voter identification at the polls. So are reproductive rights, employment issues and voting rights. That’s how Keystone Progress evaluated legislators throughout the commonwealth. The activist group recently released a list of 20 heroes that have been “progressive” on the key issues (and opposed legislation that would make it harder for LGBT folks across the state). They include:

Rep. Louise Williams Bishop
Rep. Tim Briggs
Rep. Vanessa Lowery Brown
Rep. Michelle Brownlee
Rep. Mark Cohen
Rep. Lawrence Curry
Rep. Pam DeLissio
Rep. Dan Frankel
Rep. Robert Freeman
Rep. Michael Gerber
Babette Josephs
Rep. Michael O’Brien
Rep. Cherelle Parker
Rep. James Roebuck
Rep. Steven Santarsiero
Rep. Michael Sturla
Rep. Curtis Thomas
Rep. Greg Vitali
Rep. Jewell Williams
Rep. Rosita Youngblood