Is ?uestlove a Reason to “Heart” New York?

New York magazine recently released a list of the top reasons to “heart” the the Big Apple. Ranking at number 26 was Philly’s ?uestlove of The Legendary Roots Crew fame. Their rationale even included a little dig about how the drummer “claims to still live in Philly.” Whoa, let’s pump the brakes a bit. You can insult our fashion, make “Dream Team” jokes, say your pizza is better, steal our startups and (try) to steal Tina Fey. You can even call us the meanest fans and make lazy jokes about how we threw snowballs at Santa. But, you can’t have ?uestlove. That’s where we’re drawing the line. Go get your own damn drummer/producer/writer/DJ/political activist/shoe designer/soul food connoisseur. [New York mag]