Cardinal John P. Foley Dead at 76

Plus: The Birds top the Dolphins, Paterno re-fractures his pelvis, a penis injection in Jersey results in a manslaughter charge, and more of what the city is buzzing about today

Cardinal John P. Foley Died. Cardinal John P. Foley died yesterday at the age of 76. Cardinal Foley was born in Darby but became known for his service in Rome after getting his start in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. Foley returned to Darby and died at the Villa St. Joseph home for retired priests. [Inquirer]

Eagles Beat Dolphins. Yesterday the Eagles moved to 5-8 on the year by beating the Dolphins 26-20. Then, last night, the Giants beat the Cowboys to help the Birds out with their slim playoff hopes. [The 700 Level]

Sheriff’s Office to Make Payments on $30 Million Owed. The Philadelphia Sheriff’s office accrued about $30 million in debt after foreclosing on and auctioning off properties between ’01 and ’09. Now, the office is ready to make good on what they owe homeowners. [Inquirer]

Paterno Falls in Home, Re-Fractures Pelvis. Joe Paterno re-fractured his pelvis yesterday when he fell in his State College home. Joe Pa had previously fractured his pelvis when a player collided with him at a practice in August. Paterno won’t need surgery. [FOX 29]

Memorial Wreaths Trashed at Penn’s Landing. Wreaths at the Korean War memorial at Penn’s Landing have been vandalized. The man who cleans them up says that the wreaths are vandalized every year and he expects those at other memorials to be ruined shortly. [6 ABC]

Jersey Man Died From Penis Injection. A man in New Jersey has been charged with involuntary manslaughter after an at-home silicone procedure allegedly killed another man. Allegedly the death occurred when the silicone injected into the one man’s penis caused a blood clot. [FOX 29]