Holiday Cookie Recipes From 10 Arts, Le Bec-Fin, Parc and More

Sure, Grandma’s snickerdoodles are a family classic. But six top Philly pastry chefs think they can do even better



A few weeks back, as we sat anticipating all the holiday cookies coming down the lane this season, an idea hit us: What if this year we broke free from the tyranny of the iced-sugar snowmen, and asked the best pastry chefs in the city to make us the most inspired, most festive, most perfect holiday cookie they could dream up? And even better—what if you, reader, could eat them? 

Good news: It worked! Not only did our chefs turn out a whole new generation of delectable Christmas cookies (who knew bacon is what you’ve been missing?), but you get to taste the iced and spiced fruits of their labors on December 9th, from noon to 2 p.m. at the Rotunda in the Shops at Liberty Place (RSVP on Facebook). The chef with the best cookie gets cash, donated by Saxbys Coffee, for his or her charity of choice—and the rest of us just get a jump on the holiday spirit. And a chance to one-up Grandma. See you there.

Our Gift to You: Click here for the recipes for each of the cookies pictured!