Equality PA to Launch Video Series

Find out how you can vote to help fund "Educate Through Equality"

One way to change people’s minds is by inviting them to get to know you better. Equality Pennsylvania, an LGBT advocacy group, is about to make that happen by launching a new video series that will tell real stories from LGBT citizens throughout the state.

“It is always harder to hate and discriminate against a person when you know their daily struggles, recognize them as your neighbors and coworkers and family and see their lives as being so very similar to your own,” says Equality PA in a statement.

That’s why they’re launching “Educate for Equality: Explaining the Lives of PA’s LGBT Citizens.” The hope is to present video testimonials to kick off a new public education campaign that aims, says the group, “to change hearts and minds and ultimately, laws.”

Just this year, Equality PA has worked with organizations throughout the state to make significant changes for gay rights, including a change in gender identification for transgender people on driver’s licenses with the help of Penn Dot.

To help fund this latest initiative, Equality PA is competing for $25,000 in grant money from the Pepsi Refresh Project. Each month, Pepsi is giving away more than $1 million to 60 ideas that move communities forward. Supporters can vote for this project online and via text message daily through the end of November.

Click here to vote for Equality PA. You can also share the link with friends and family using Facebook and other social media sites.

Here are three reasons Equality PA wants your vote:

  • Specifically, this project will help because stories change hearts. Discrimination must not be debated abstractly.
  • This project is unique and innovative because it’s a public service. This helps people to develop honest views.
  • One thing that might surprise people about this project: It’s just like getting to know a new neighbor.

“Your stories have power and meaning and they can help to change our world,” says Equality PA. “Let’s collect them together, and use them to make Pennsylvania a better and more aware place.”