An Open Letter to Kris and Kim

Another celebrity marriage bites the dust

Dear Kris and Kim,

When we heard you two were getting a divorce after only just getting married 72 days ago, we were shocked. We know Hollywood marriages can sometimes end badly, but 72 days is practically a record (save for Britney’s Vegas nuptials). And it got us thinking about all the same-sex couples who have been together for years and years, but who can’t get married in states where gay marriage is still illegal – like your home state of California.

Don’t get us wrong, we applaud your right to marry (and divorce) but we also think this could be a great opportunity for you to talk about marriage equality. Why not turn this bad situation into something good? It may even take a little heat off of you from people who are saying, get this, that your quickie marriage may have been a publicity stunt to get television ratings and millions in photo opportunities. We’re not suggesting that’s true, but we think you could redeem yourself in the public’s eye by doing some friendly PR for a great cause. We know you’re no stranger to endorsements!

The only reason we’re bringing this up is because, well, you made this marriage of yours pretty public in the first place. For most of the summer you guys dominated the news. How unfortunate then to find out that after only 72 days that you just couldn’t work it out.

We also hope you take some time to think about all the folks out there who can’t get married. It’s a right that should be afforded to everyone – for better or worse.

If you have any doubt about the more than 1,000 rights that are denied same-sex couples every day, feel free to check out HRC’s Wedding Registry. Because if you made a single dime on your marriage, it might do you some good to give some of it away so that others can enjoy the same freedom.


G Philly