Andy Reid on the Chopping Block?

Plus: Casey Anthony reps the Phils, a baby fell out of an SUV, Jason Babin gets robbed, and more of what the city is buzzing about today

Philly Calling for Andy Reid’s Head. The slide continued yesterday as the Birds fell to the Bills 31-24 in a game marred by ball security issues. The team’s sloppy play have many calling for someone to shoulder the blame and it appears that that person is Head Coach Andy Reid. For the first time in a long time Reid likely finds himself in the hot seat. [Inquirer]

Casey Anthony is a Phillies Fan. Well, you have to admit that the woman doesn’t have much shame. Casey Anthony was deposed for a defamation lawsuit over the weekend and she showed up wearing a wig, dark sunglasses and a Phillies hat. Seriously though, is there a darker place to go for Phillies fans?  [The 700 Level]

Baby Falls Out of SUV and Is in Critical Condition. Yesterday afternoon a 22-month-old boy fell out of the back seat of a moving SUV and was run over by either that car or another. He’s in critical condition at St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children. [FOX 29]

Occupy Philly Continues, Adds Hunger Strike. Today marks Day 5 in the Occupy Philly saga at Dilworth Plaza. As of yesterday there were about 80 tents set up as the 99 percent “fight” to level the playing field. Yesterday, one man began a hunger strike. This is definitely going to end well. [Philadelphia Weekly]

Jason Babin’s Stuff Got Jacked. The Eagles defensive end hired Houston Movers R’ Us to transport his stuff to his new home in the Philadelphia area. Babin claims that the company ripped him off and took his belongings from a storage unit including eight shotguns valued at $12,ooo. Of course Jason Babin owns eight shotguns. [TMZ]

Man Dies in Bull-Riding Accident. Police are investigating the death of a man at a rodeo in Cumberland County, New Jersey. The man is said to have been thrown from a bull during the event and trampled to death. [6 ABC]