Iran to Release American Hikers on $500K Bail

Plus: PPD and Homeland Security investigate stolen moving trucks, the human-trafficking trial is set to start, a toll is proposed for 422, and more of what the city is buzzing about today

Iran Will Release Jailed Hikers on $500,000 Bail. Josh Fattal—an Elkins Park native—and Shane Bauer have been in an Iranian prison for two years. The men—along with a third hiker—were taken into custody when they allegedly crossed into Iran while hiking a mountain range in Afghanistan. Last month, Fattal and Bauer were tried and sentenced to eight years. Now, their lawyer says they will be released on $500,000 bail. [Inquirer]

Philadelphia Police and Homeland Security Investigate Truck Theft. On September 10th, four U-Haul trucks were stolen from different sections of Philadelphia. Homeland security got involved due to the size of the trucks and the timing of the thefts. Now—after having found and processed two of the trucks in the same area of Chester—Homeland Security is sure that terrorists weren’t behind the crime. [CBS 3]

Proposed Toll for Route 422. You know what might alleviate some of the nightmarish traffic on 422? Neither does the Scoop, but even he can tell you tolling won’t help the situation. The road—which runs from Reading to KOP—typically looks like a parking lot during rush hour. Tonight at Pope John Paul High School in Royersford, the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission will present its plan to the public, who’ll surely react very favorably. [CBS 3]

Human-Trafficking Trial Set to Begin in Philly. Five brothers are charged with smuggling Ukrainian immigrants into the Philadelphia area and enslaving them to clean department stores at night. The victims were kept in awful living conditions and physically and sexually assaulted for trying to escape. Two of the five brothers are set to stand trial in the U.S. District Court in Philadelphia. [Inquirer]

Phils Drop Game to Astros. The Phillies are on a bonafide losing streak. Before anyone starts to panic, it’s important to note that last night’s sloppy affair wasn’t Phillies baseball. Good ol’ Cholly was disappointed in the poor fielding, but put things in perspective by not being too worried. Former Phillie Brett Myers got the win last night and Hamels will look to out-duel another former Phil as J.A. Happ takes the hill tonight. [The 700 Level]

Philly Scientists Discover New Prehistoric Fish. Researches from the Academy of Natural Sciences have identified what they’re calling “Laconathus Embrie”—a six-foot-long predatory fish found in the Arctic. The fish was a “sit and wait” predator that would have lurked, partially hidden or buried, before lunging out and grabbing its prey with its fangs. Cue Ross’s excitement and sharp barbs from Rachel and Joey about how that makes him a nerd. [WHYY]