Bryn Mawr College Comps Students on SEPTA

Undergrads can hop an R5 for nothing

So, you’re an undergrad on the Main Line and after prix-fixe dinners at Sola and trying to sneak 18 in at Merion Golf Club you don’t have dough left over to grab a $10 round-trip ticket for the R5 to go see that Pearl Jam show in the city. Well, if you go to Bryn Mawr College it’s your lucky day, because the higher-learning institution is offering free SEPTA tickets and tokens so that all of its undergrads can go check out Philly. While the Scoop highly doubts that girls dropping $65,000 a year on a college education occupy a demographic in need of public transit handouts, anything encouraging kids from the burbs to venture into this fantastic city is alright in his book. [The Phoenix]