Is Jay-Z Ousting Tenants of His NoLibs Condos?

Hov's legal team accused of harrassing tenants in NoLibs

Jay-Z—rapper, icon, half of Watch the Throne, and the man behind Beyonce’s baby bump is not a businessman—he’s a business, man. The mogul is part owner of SCC North American Realty, LLC—which owns a building of condos in NoLibs. Allegedly, the tenants of the building have been constantly harassed in an obvious effort to rid the building of all occupants. They say there were lawsuits filed claiming unpaid rent, letters sent out notifying tenants to vacate by July 31st and that the company even resorted to constantly banging on doors. The Scoop thinks Hov’s cronies may be taking his “Hard Knock Life” a little too literally in this case. [Fox News]