T.O. Gives DeSean Jackson Some Advice

Washed up, problematic wide receiver gives advice to blossoming, potentially problematic wide receiver

Terrell Owens’s tenure in Philadelphia was well documented. Whether he was jawing with McNabb on the sidelines, doing situps in his driveway, or allowing his agent to “next question” the city’s media, he was typically distancing himself from a productive relationship with the organization—and the fans—every chance he got. Now, T.O. has a torn ACL and is currently without an NFL contract, so he’s staying relevant by suggesting that DeSean Jackson is making a mistake by playing this Sunday without a new contract. He says the wideout should hold out—something Jackson literally cannot afford to do. Then, he follows up his two cents by saying he’d jump at the chance to be an Eagle again. His only Super Bowl appearance was with the Birds and he says, “I loved Philly. I loved playing there. I’ve never had a feeling like scoring a touchdown, going to the sideline and having all of Lincoln Financial Field chant my name. I had the best time of my life and my career in my years in Philadelphia.” So, the Scoop would like to congratulate all Eagles fans on winning the T.O. break-up—just remember not to pick up the phone when he drunk-dials you after last call in the near future.  [NFL.com]