Signs Donna Saber Might Like

Messages for the Jersey dress shop owner who wouldn't outfit a lesbian for her wedding

Yesterday, the DN’s Ronnie Polaneczky wrote her column about Alix Gentler, who was told by a store owner that she couldn’t purchase her wedding gown at the store because she’s a lesbian. You’ve heard of “no shoes, no service”? This is “no groom, no service.”

The story has traveled across the Internets, of course, and people are infuriated. They’ve been leaving angry messages on the store’s Facebook page, on Yelp reviews, anywhere they can get access to owner Donna Saber, who told Gentler her marriage would be “illegal” and that it was “a shame” she was gay, especially coming from a nice Jewish family. As my nice Jewish family would say, “Oy vey.”

This incident proves that, despite recent triumphs, there is still plenty of work to be done when it comes to gay marriage being accepted. The website Happy Place recently featured “the most hilariously effective signs supporting gay marriage,” prefaced by these words:

… the writing appears to be on the wall for opponents of marriage equality. That’s a little bittersweet, since the writing on these pro-gay marriage protest signs is entertaining enough that we’re definitely going to miss them when the battle is finally over nationwide.

But wait! Dust them off for Somers Point; I suspect some of the signs will come in handy as word of Donna Saber’s discriminatory behavior gets even more press.

Here are some of my favorite gay-marriage signs: