Missing Boy From Last Night’s Amber Alert Found

Plus: small packs of teens attacked this weekend, Viagra exclusivity, Hillary in 2016, and more of what Philly is buzzing about today

Last Night’s Amber Alert for Missing Boy Was a False Alarm. Yesterday, a five-year-old boy was reported missing after a camp trip. Someone then reported they’d seen him being dragged away by a stranger. An amber alert was issued and a search began. Then, police found him asleep on the bus used for the field trip. If only they all ended that easily. [6 ABC]

Two Small Packs of Teens Committed Random Attacks This Weekend. The large flash-mob issue was quelled—if even just temporarily—on the first weekend of Mayor Nutters newly enacted curfews. But, outside of the new curfew zones, two attacks were committed by smaller packs of teenagers on random civilians. One was broken up by plain-clothes officers tailing the boys. The weekend was still a step in the right direction—divide and conquer, people. [FOX 29]

Pfizer Wins Lawsuit to Stop Generic Viagra Production. Pfizer Inc. emerged victorious in a patent-protection lawsuit involving their erectile-dysfunction treatment drug Viagra. If a few other similar cases end the same way, Pfizer Inc. could have exclusivity of Viagra through 2019. [Inquirer]

Ed Rendell Thinks Hillary Will Run in 2016. Yesterday, Ed Rendell spoke with the New York Post and posited that the lure of becoming the first woman to run the country would be too enticing for the current Secretary of State to pass up in 2016. [Philly.com]

Former Phillie Jim Thome Hits 600th Home Run. Jim Thome blasted two longballs last night to reach 600 career home runs. Now the DH for the Minnesota Twins, Thome hit 96 of his 600 homers as a Phil. [CBS 3]

TLC Cancels “Kate Plus 8.” Kate Gosselin’s television program “Kate Plus 8” has been cancelled by TLC. Maybe she’ll join the Octomom in the “has a lot of kids—but no television show—and still wants publicity” boxing circuit. [FOX 29]