Top 5 Posts of the Week

What you should've been reading this week

1. “David Akers’s Farewell Billboard on I-95” by Richard Rys
What we’ll miss about the kicker. Read more.

2. “Dylan Ratigan’s Mad-As-Hell Moment on MSNBC” by Larry Mendte
His rant is worth watching as we prep for the 2012 presidential campaign. Read more.

3. “Nutter and the Racial Shame of Flash Mobs” by Patrick Kerkstra
Violence in Center City brings on the Mayor’s political bravery. Read more.

4. “The MLB Suspends Shane Victorino, JUST Shane Victorino” by Mike Bertha
That can’t be right, can it? Read more.

5. “Michael Coard’s Best (and Worst) of Philadelphia” by Michael Coard
My official—admittedly biased (but totally accurate)—list. Read more.