Top 5 Posts of the Week

What you should've been reading this week

1. “Stephen Starr’s Best of Philly
Plus: Lists from Shane Victorino, Joan Shepp, Inga Saffron and more. Read more.

2. “Amy Winehouse: Not Just Another Nice Jewish Girl” by Liz Spikol
She upended stereotypes about Jewish women and sex. Read more.

3. “Best of Philly Is Not for Sale” by Tom McGrath
As our 38th annual issue hits the stands, let me clear up a big misconception. Read more.

4. “Warning to Main Line Genuardi’s Shoppers” by Beth Capriotti
Obey the express line rules. Read more.

5. “Worst of Philly Preview” by Christine Speer
Because you don’t find the best without finding some real duds, too. Read more.