Phillies: It Gets Better

The hometown favorites will make their own video for LGBT youth

It worked!

After longtime fan Jerome Hunt collected 2,000 signatures online at (we told you about his petition recently), seems as though the Philadelphia Phillies were paying attention. The Major League ball club recently announced they will be making their own video for the “It Gets Better” Project this season.

That will make them the seventh professional sports team to get involved with the advocacy initiative aimed at preventing bullying and suicide. And they’re in good company with President Obama, Hillary Clinton and many other leaders, celebrities, sports heroes and regular folks having also uploaded their messages from around the world. Dan Savage, the creator of the “It Gets Better” Project, even put together a book about the experience featuring some of the more powerful statements against homophobia (it includes a friend of G Philly Wayne Knaub of the Greater Philadelphia Flag Football League who discussed what it was like coming out to his father).

And while the Phillies management says they’re still finalizing the details for the video (we don’t know when it will go live or who will be involved just yet), Hunt says he hopes to see some of the big name players get involved (looking at you, Utley, Hamels, Halladay and Lee) to send the message that hate is not tolerated on the field – or off.

Gee, do you think the Phanatic will also appear in the video…in drag? Pretty please?