More than 1,000 Phillies Fans Can’t Be Wrong petitions for an "It Gets Better" video

In the last 24 hours, more than more than 1,800 Philadelphia Phillies fans have signed an online petition asking that the professional team make an “It Gets Better” video and take a public stand against anti-gay bullying. is sponsoring the petition, which was created by Philly native Jerome Hunt, a lifelong fans, as well as a former victim of homophobic bullying.

“I was called gay and a faggot in both grade school and high school,” says Hunt, “when I didn’t even really know I was gay at the time. Words, even in a joking manner, carry a lot of weight. When these words come from a person you idolize, like a professional athlete, they can crush one’s spirit and can lead [you] to believe that no matter what stage you are [at] in life, you are not free to be who you are.”

Hunt’s efforts come after Philadelphia Eagles’ wide receiver DeSean Jackson used anti-gay slurs on SiriusXM Radio.

To combat this pervasive homophobia in the sports world, Hunt says an “It Gets Better” video would be powerful. “A Phillies ‘It Gets Better’ video could be a beacon of hope for an LGBT youth who is struggling with bullying and harassment,” says the season ticket holder. “Hearing words that it is okay to be who you are and ‘It Gets Better’ from a sports star you look up to can and does make a difference.”

Thanks, in part, to other petitions from, several pro teams have already made their own videos, including the San Francisco Giants, Chicago Cubs and Boston Red Sox. The Minnesota Twins, Seattle Mariners and Washington Nationals are also expected to release videos this season.

“Now the Phillies have an opportunity to stand up,” says Eden James, director of organizing for “If every pro sports team produced an ‘It Gets Better’ video, it would have a tremendous impact on the lives of millions of kids and their families. It would also contribute to safer playing environment for gay athletes, from high school to professional sports.”