Philadelphia Inquirer Available on Android Tablets

Plus: Philly Orchestra avoids a strike, a Jim's Steaks manager was robbed, the Phils finish their first half on a high note and more of what everyone is talking about today

Inquirer and Daily News Available on Android Tablets. The Inky and the Daily News will join the tech movement as the Philadelphia Media Network announces that it will sell Android tablets with digital replicas of both newspapers built in at a discount. Welcome to the future, everybody. [Adweek]

Philadelphia Orchestra Strike Avoided. Temporarily, at least. The Philadelphia Orchestra has extended its current contract into November while musicians and management work on drawing up a new contract agreement. The move will allow the orchestra to avoid a strike this summer. [CBS 3]

Jim’s Steaks Manager Robbed. An unarmed assailant knocked a Jim’s Steaks manager to the ground Sunday afternoon and made off with the day’s take—$30,000—from the cash-only steak shop. The manager was unharmed and police suspect either an inside job or a former employee as the culprit. [6 ABC]

Penn Medical School Donation Increases Trainees. Raymond Perelman donated $225 million to UPenn’s medical school earlier this year. His donation came in response to the passing of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and is intended to raise the number of doctors trained by the school each year from 175 to 500. [Metro]

Philly Has Quadrupled Recycling in Past Four Years. In the 1980s, Philadelphia became the first major American city to make curbside recycling mandatory. But, in the years since, the city hadn’t done much to enforce the law or much else to increase the amount of trash recycled. That changed four years ago when the city’s officials made a point to go green and S.W.E.E.P up city trash. [WHYY]

Phillies Slam the Braves, Door on First Half. It’s officially the All-Star break. The Phils closed the first half of their 2011 by trouncing Atlanta 14-1 yesterday. Roy Halladay, Cliff Lee, Cole Hamels, Placido Polanco and Shane Victorino all made the National League’s team, but most won’t play. Of the five, only Halladay and Lee will be available to play in the game on Tuesday. [Phillies]

Phillies Voted Seventh Favorite Team. Speaking of the Phillies, a recent Harris Poll showed that they’ve fallen in popularity over the past year. The results of the online poll named the Yankees (surprise!) as the nation’s favorite. The Phils ranked fourth last year. The poll results also showed that people think the Red Sox and Yankees are more likely to win the World Series. The best record in the Bigs and underdog status? We’ll take it. [PR Newswire]