Joanne Hudson’s Beach House

Look inside the Main Line interior designer's Bethany Beach vacation home

There is a time capsule buried beneath the Bethany Beach home that kitchen designer and architect Joanne Hudson, who has a space in the Marketplace Design Center, built 12 years ago. Hudson’s two sons filled it with the trappings of what was then considered modern life: a clunky cell phone, a Star Wars script, CDs—things we’d now regard as being well on their way to achieving vintage status—and buried it before the cement foundation was poured. Perhaps they should have added a purposefully distressed “This Way To The Beach” sign, seashell—filled glass lamps, and lobster—bedecked picture frames—the decor we’ve come to associate with life at a beach house—since Hudson’s restrained palette and sophisticated beachy design have pushed that tired shore style firmly into the past.