Gov. Christie’s Helicopter Ride

Plus John Street is taking campaign-like walks in the city, home ownership dips in Center City, a new airport could be coming to Willow Grove and more of what Philly is talking about this morning

Chris Christie’s Personal Ride. The NJ governor blew in and out of his son’s high-school baseball game yesterday, courtesy of a state police helicopter. His spokesman says, ““The governor’s use of the helicopter was completely appropriate and within allowable guidelines. He uses the helicopter very sparingly.” [WSJ]

Renting Up, Home Ownership Down in Center City. Due to the last decade’s building spurt and the fact that more young people have moved in, renting has increased more than five percent in the last 10 years. [Inquirer]

New Regional Airport? Good news for Bucks and Montco millionaires looking for a new spot where they can park their private planes: The Willow Grove Naval Air Station might be turned into a corporate airport. (The Scoop, like Governor Christie, prefers to fly by helicopter.) [Business Journal]

Street to Decide on Run by July. Former Mayor John Street took a walking tour of North Philly with Paul Davies to talk the city’s future and Nutter’s performance. He says he’ll announce next month if he decides to run against Mayor Nutter. See Fox 29’s in-the-streets video—with inexplicable groovin’ soundtrack—at the link. [Fox 29]

Corbett Won’t Discuss Pantyhose. The PA Governor was in Philly yesterday (the town was lousy with politicians Tuesday) and dodged a question about whether he agrees with the new dress code policy at the state’s Department of Welfare that requires women to wear pantyhose and forbids open-toed shoes. [Commonwealth Confidential]

Beanie Siegel Says Sorry. For those who couldn’t sleep over this two-year feud, Philly rapper Siegel has apologized to Jay-Z, explaining, “Whatever I felt this dude Jay did wrong to me, it can’t outweigh the one thing he did do for me. He gave me an opportunity. Dude gave me an opportunity.” [AllHipHop]

Trenton Company Aims to Recycle Diapers. You thought your eco-crazy neighbor with the composting toilet had gone too far? Trenton-based Terracycle, which already makes tote bags out of old Capri Sun pouches, is developing a process to recycle (yes, dirty) diapers. Admittedly, this is not timed well to a heat wave, but the Scoop just can’t resist a story with this quote: “That’s where the biocide comes in.” [Newsworks]

Oh, the Horror. Phils had an ugly one last night, losing to the Nationals 10-2. [700 Level]