New Poll Shows Obama Not So Loved in PA

Plus the Sixers lose, NJ officials issue measles warning, Vick doesn't win online vote to be on video game cover and more of what Philly's talking about this morning

The Sixers’ Season Is Over. The team lost its final game to the Miami Heat last night 91-97. Coach Doug Collins finished things off by expressing his love for Elton Brand. []

Vick Won’t Be Cover Model. The Eagles QB lost to Peyton Hillis from the Browns in online voting to choose who would be pictured on the next Madden 2012 video game box. Bet things would’ve been different if he hadn’t cancelled on Oprah. [WSJ]

PA Not Feeling the Love for Obama. Those Quinnipiac pollsters have released some numbers showing that 52 percent of voters don’t think the President should be reelected. Translation: Expect to see a lot more Barack in these parts. []

Police Issue Arrest Warrant In Nutter-Related Case. They’re after Edward Gause for the November murder of 76-year-old Robert Lancaster, who lived near the Mayor in Wynnefield. [Newsworks]

Beware of Measles in South Jersey. The NJ Health Department is warning that a man with the very contagious illness might have passed it along. There’s a list of where he’s been, including the Pop Shop in Collingswood and the Home Depot in Cherry Hill, at the link. This really isn’t as cute as that Brady Bunch episode when all the kids came down with measles. [CBS 3]

Philly Firefighter in Trouble Over Beefcake Calendar? According to the publisher of the “Nation’s Bravest” calendar, Philly’s buff and shirtless representative Jack Slivinski is in trouble with the fire department for posing. Details and pic (let’s face it, that’s what you want to see) at the link. [NBC 10]

What Does Bob Casey Have to Worry About? Laureen Cummings, head of the Scranton Tea Party and the woman who wants Bob Casey’s Senate seat, reacted to getting invited to be on Glenn Beck’s show like this on her Facebook page: “OMG, OMG,OMG….CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!” [Politics PA]