The Royal Wedding Blues

William and Kate can marry - but gays and lesbians can't

For anyone who plans to tune into the Royal Wedding this week (you know who you are), LGBT people may be interested to know that a gay rights activist is using the international event to put a spotlight on marriage inequality in the U.K. today.

Peter Tatchell, a gay rights activist, will be delivering a giant “wedding card” to the soon-to-be married couple that coincides with a protest today over same-sex marriage rights at Buckingham Palace as part of the Equal Love campaign.

“As well as wishing the royal couple every happiness, we will highlight the fact that William and Kate can marry, but same-sex couples can’t,” says Tatchell on his website. “Our event will urge the royal couple to support moves to end the ban on gay marriage. We want equal marriage rights for all couples, regardless of sexual orientation. Kate and William had a choice. They could get married, or not. Same-sex couples don’t have this choice. We are banned from marriage by law.”

He’s encouraging marriage equality proponents to join him and other gay rights activists for a “party” in front of Buckingham Palace today. “Even if you don’t agree with marriage, the prohibition on gay marriage is homophobic and should be overturned,” says Tatchell. “Don’t let the government dictate that LGBT people can’t get married.”