Radioactive Iodine Found in Philadelphia Water

Plus which local Olympic gold medalist is running for senate, who's suing Jose Canseco, why 'Nova's not ready for the Big East and more of what Philly is talking about today

The Scoop’ll Take His Water Bottled, Please. According to the EPA, three of the five highest readings for radioactive iodine in the U.S. are in the Philadelphia drinking water supply. [MyFoxPhilly]

Wait a Minute, Byko. Where’d You Find That Stat? In a hugely positive column about Philadelphia’s adopted sons changing the city’s self-esteem, curmudgeonly columnist Stu Bykofsky writes, “Is the good news actually happening in Philadelphia—City of Losers, home to the fattest, ugliest, meanest, most socially retarded people in the U.S.A.?” The Scoop sees a lot of rankings, but socially retarded must’ve slipped under the radar. [Daily News]

Carl Lewis Will Likely Run for Senate. The New Jersey resident and Olympic sprinter and long-jumper is expected to announce his candidacy today. He’s probably a solid choice, since you’ll know he’s in it for the long run. Womp womp. [Inquirer]

Cole Hamels Redeems Himself. Thank goodness. [High Cheese]

Celebrity Boxing Promoter Sues Jose Canseco. Broomall resident Damon Feldman alleges that Canseco sent his twin brother, Ozzie, in his place—pretending to be Jose—for a recent bout in Florida. Didn’t the Olsen twins make a straight-to-VHS video about that once? [6ABC]

South Philly Dog Fighting Ring Broken Up. Police and the SPCA raided a home on the 2600 block of Gerritt Street around midnight and found two dogs in the midst of a fight. In total, seven dogs were taken from the home. [CBS3]

‘Nova Postpones Big East Vote. Due to disagreements about the university’s plan to use the Union’s PPL Park in Chester, Villanova’s board of trustees will not hold an anticipated Tuesday vote on whether to move up to Division I-A and join the Big East for football. []