Fired Gay Priest is Teaching at UPenn

Father James St. George is now an Ivy League professor

When Chestnut Hill College fired him for being gay this year, Father James St. George was not only out of a job, but he faced possible discrimination at other Catholic schools in the region that oppose homosexuality. But for this openly gay priest – who became a kind of gay rights icon overnight – there’s good news. George was invited by University of Pennsylvania professor Andrew Lamas to help teach a class on religion, social justice and urban development.

George – who belongs to a sect within the church that allows homosexual priests – is pastor at St. Miriam Catholic Apostolic Church in Blue Bell. He told the Inquirer recently, “It feels good to be teaching again.”

The priest was dismissed after Chestnut Hill officials said they discovered he was gay. But the priest insists he was always open about his sexuality – he even blogged about his 15-year relationship.

He’s using the experience to inform others about his sect and the dangers of discrimination.

According to NBC10, George is hosting a seminar May 10 at the Presbyterian Church of Chestnut Hill called “Human Dignity, Sexuality and the People of God: A Conversation.”