Death Threat Made Against Arlene Ackerman

Plus the truth about Philadelphia Cream Cheese, good news for the Phillies, which local college president earns more than $600,000 a year and more of what Philly is talking about today

Exactly How Inappropriate Would It Be to Make a Chainsaw Joke? Over the weekend, Arlene Ackerman received a death threat. The e-mail threatened that a bomb would go off midday Monday at the School District’s headquarters. Bomb squads have swept the building. []

Speaking of Bombs … Someone yarn-bombed the Rocky statue this weekend. Lookin’ pretty slick, Balboa. [@PhillyGossip]

Penn State Prez Makes More Than (Some Of) You. Graham B. Spanier raked in $620,004 in salary in 2010, making him the fifth highest paid public college president. [Inquirer] Meanwhile,  Penn has crept back into Princeton Review’s list of “dream colleges” after a three-year absence. [Daily Pennsylvanian]

Rendell Plays Nice. At his first conference call with state capitol reporters since leaving office, the former governor doesn’t take the bait when asked about current governor Tom Corbett. [CBS]

Southwest Cancels Eight Flights Out of PHL. Southwest is inspecting planes after a five-foot hole opened up on a plane carrying 118 passengers. Complete list of canceled flights is available here. [Inquirer]

Phillies Off to a Good Start. The boys swept the Astros over the weekend. [Daily News]

The Scoop Will Never Feel the Same About His Schmear. For years, the Scoop assumed that Philadelphia Cream Cheese had something to do with Philadelphia. But the New York Times shatters the Scoop’s misconception in a sort-of boring advertising article. “There is no geographic connection to Philadelphia,” the paper reports. “The dairyman chose the name because the city was associated with high-quality food at the time.” How ’bout that? [New York Times]