Andy Warhol Immortalized

A monument to this famous Pennsylvania native is erected in New York City

Artist Rob Pruitt was commissioned by the Public Art Fund in New York City to create a silver sculpture honoring the late great artist Andy Warhol. It was unveiled this week in Union Square, just footsteps from Warhol’s former “Factory,” reports the New York Post. It’ll be on display until Oct. 2.

So much for just fifteen minutes of fame.

“The Andy Monument,” as it’s being called, is in good company in the park with other famous faces including Lincoln, Washington and Gandhi.

“Andy Warhol still remains a vital symbol of why so many people come to New York to try and make it big here,” Pruitt told the newspaper. He says he used live models and photographs of Warhol to capture his likeness in a famous chrome mold.

The sculpture portrays the artist in his characteristic Brooks Brothers jacket wearing a tie and sporting a Polaroid camera around his neck. He’s also carrying a bag from one of his favorite department stores – Bloomingdale’s.

The statue stands at the corner where Warhol would hand out copies of his Interview magazine just a stone’s throw from his famous Factory where he created many of his most well-known works – silkscreens, movies and more.

The artist who sculpted it is hoping the homage to the gay icon becomes a permanent fixture in the park.

We think Warhol would approve. So if you’re in New York, definitely check it out.