Collingswood Couple Sues “Soup” Host Joel McHale

Plus 2015 mayoral predictions, the latest school scandal, which restaurants have rodent problems and more of what Philly is talking about today

Would Johnny Doc Be More or Less Fun Than Milton Street? Calling Street (and Queena Bass) perennial candidates, the Daily News rounds up a list of 11 potential runners for 2015 mayoral election—because they are so over the 2011 election. [Daily News]

Cherry Hill Educator Fired Over E-Mails. The district administrator called department of public works employees “gorillas, polar bears and trained seals.” Freedom of speech or hate speech? The Scoop can barely keep these teachers-behaving-badly stories straight anymore. [NBC]

And You Can Check It in the Quiet Car! Follow Amtrak on Twitter to get real-time updates on major service disruptions in the Northeast Corridor. [Twitter] Hopefully this will be more successful than SEPTA’s Twitter feed, which occasionally reports problems after they’ve been resolved.

“Ratatouille” Was Cute, Right? “Inside Edition” aired video of mice and rats scurrying around the kitchens at Ted’s Montana Grill, Mamma Mia Pizzeria, the Cosi on South 15th Street, LaScala’s and Ishkabibble’s. Reps from all the restaurants say they’re doing what they can to control the problem. But the Scoop will probably pack his lunch from now on just in case.  [MyFoxPhilly]

Car Crashes Into Roman Catholic High School. Those purple sweaters enrage us, too. [Philly Confidential]

More Bike Lanes. Deputy Mayor for Transportation Rina Cutler wants to create North-South bike lanes to compliment the new-ish lanes on Pine and Spruce Streets. [CBS3]

Collingswood Couple Vs. Joel McHale. The host of E!’s “The Soup” is being sued by the dwarf couple after using their photo to promote a fictional show “Fertile Little Tattooed Pageant Parents Who Enjoy Baking.” They claim it “wreaked havoc on their emotions” after years of struggling to conceive. The Scoop’s verdict: McHale is guilty of telling a funny joke.  [Daily News]

In Related News. is still referring to the show as “Talk Soup.” How very 2002.