Charlie Sheen Is A Sellout

But not in Atlantic City

On March 11th, a 9.0 magnitude earthquake tore through Japan, but the big news in places like TMZ, E!, and “Inside Edition” was not the unfolding humanitarian and environmental nightmare, but the fact that actor Charlie Sheen was going to take his show on the road, having announced one-man performances in Chicago and Detroit earlier that day. Details were sketchy or non-existent, with the show’s producer saying even he was unclear on what it was all about. Still, once tickets went on sale, they sold out in record time. Same for two shows at Radio City Music Hall that were subsequently announced, amid several other U.S. dates.

But in Atlantic City, where Sheen is scheduled to appear on Saturday, April 16th at the Taj, plenty of seats remain, nearly a week after going on sale. The “cheap” seats, priced at $86.20, are gone, but if you’re willing to fork out $108-$129 (20-percent of which is, of course, “fees”), they’ll be happy to have you, especially if you opt to stay over, with rooms starting at $349. (Note that the Regal Suites are booked.) Or, if you really want to be large and in charge, $750 (that’s per person) gets you a seat in the first ten rows, an autographed photo, a “collectible tour poster”, a “laminate”, and a meet-and-greet with your new idol, along with a photo proving that you stood that close to greatness.

So, we here at the Philly Post are perplexed. Why aren’t you people buying these tickets? Is it because the Atlantic City crowd knows a cheat when they see one? Or is it because in A.C., you don’t need to pay someone $750 to meet a strung out, narcissistic deadbeat hellbent on self-destruction?