Can Anyone Get Published?

No, it's not a spoof. A new collection of poetry about life as a Chelsea Boy makes us cringe.

“All disco balls slow down and eventually stop.”

This is a line from gay poet Craig Moreau‘s upcoming book Chelsea Boy. We know – it sounds like a total spoof on everything that’s good and gay about poetry. But according to Gawker, this guy is dead serious. In fact, according to a new video the poet posted online, he wants to convince people that poetry is “sexy” and “awesome.”

We had no idea.

But “lucky” for us, the tank-top-wearing poetry man offers up a deadpan take on what it means to be a writer and gay man living in Chelsea, one of New York’s gayest ‘hoods. The book, he says, even includes a “Chelsea Boy Survival Guide” about – what else – partying very, very hard.

He inspired G Philly to pen a haiku about one of our recent experiences on Philly’s gay scene:

Hey, is that Austin
behind the bar at Woody’s?
Yep. Pass the vodka.

Readers may also get a few giggles from poems about weekend benders, exhausting descriptions of disco balls missing their mirrors (oh, metaphor) and an ode to gay Beat god Allen Ginsberg’s acclaimed “Howl” called “Moo” (you can’t make this stuff up).

It seems as though the MFA student – Gawker says he’s enrolled at New York University – is hoping shirtless photos on Facebook do some good in promoting the book. But in truth, his body may be his best asset, but we’ll leave that up to you.

Here’s what Moreau has to say about writing and living the Chelsea Boy life: