Please Touch Museum Needs Your Money

Plus sad news for David Akers, another gas leak in the Northeast, and more of what Philly is talking about today

Please Touch Museum Facing Financial Hardship. It seems that, like the rest of America, the Please Touch Museum moved into a place they couldn’t afford and the bad economy caught up. Unlike the rest of America, the Please Touch Museum can ask for large gifts and people will hand over wads of money. [Inquirer]

Auto Show Offering Test Drives.
Because this is the year, dammit. Attendance will top the flower. No. Matter. What. [Inquirer]

School District to Redo Bids.
Amid allegations of impropriety, the school district has decided to re-bid multimillion dollar contracts for work on district headquarters. [Inquirer]

David Akers’s Daughter Has Cancer. The six-year-old daughter of the Eagles’s place kicker had a malignant cyst removed from her left ovary. She is expected to make a full recovery. [ESPN]

Another Gas Leak in the Northeast. PGW repaired a six-inch gas main on Sunday after reports of strong odor. The leak occurred just a few blocks from the recent gas explosion, which killed a PGW worker. [MyFoxPhilly]

Inquirer and Daily News Launch Digital Editions. becomes so unbearably slow that the Scoop had to forgo any political or business news today, because the damn site wouldn’t load. []