Your Lunch Problems, Solved

Eight spots that won’t weigh you down

Duane Morris Café
Look for: The super-affordable, well-stocked salad bar, plus healthy snack options (Popchips, fruit, cottage cheese). United Plaza, 30 South 17th Street, first floor, 215-979-7390.

Look for: Salads, wraps, soups and brown-rice bowls—all made to order. 1414 South Penn Square, 215-977-7123.

Almanac Market
Look for: Perfectly portioned sandwiches (antibiotic-free chicken salad, teriyaki seitan with sautéed Asian greens) on multigrain bread, and hearty vegetable soups. 900 North 4th Street, 215-625-6611

Essene Market and Café
Look for: Vegetarian wraps and a hot-foods bar with macrobiotic lasagna, braised tempeh with onions, and four rotating soups. 719 South 4th Street, 215-922-1146.

The Coventry Deli
Look for: The fat-free chicken or tuna salad on multigrain bread, turkey chili, and sweet potatoes piled high with steamed veggies. 2000 Market Street, 215-972-8310.

Au Bon Pain
Look for: The 200-calories-or-less to-go snack packs: turkey, asparagus, cranberry chutney and Gorgonzola (140), or hummus and cucumbers (130). Pair with one of their lower-cal soups, like carrot ginger, instead of carb-heavy bread. Multiple locations.

Look for:
The best and most filling bibimbop bowl in town (packed with bean sprouts, multigrain rice and your choice of protein, plus a side of kimchi) and loads of other vegetable-dense dishes. 1608 Sansom Street, 215-557-9830.

Sook Hee’s Produce Market
Look for: Salads, wraps, and a juice bar, where they’ll pulverize any produce from the market and serve it straight up or blended with soy protein, ice and Lancaster honey. Comcast Center, 1701 JFK Boulevard, 215-568-2834.