Philly Post: Trending: Worst. Date. Ever.

We asked local celebs to dish on their worst dating experience. Embrace the catharis.

JERRY BLAVAT, The Geator with the Heator: “I was dancing on ‘Bandstand,’ and one of the girls there was a knockout. Her parents were from Italy — very, very strict. I finally got a date with her. She told her father she was going to the movie with her girlfriend. We went to the South Philadelphia drive-in. We necked, but I couldn’t get to first base — the best I could do was unhook her bra. I take her back home, and who’s on the step? Her father, with a baseball bat. He starts to chase me down Christian Street. I had such a pain in my groin; I thought it was from being chased. [My friend] says, ‘That’s called blue balls.’”
, Owner of Hush Salon: “I went out with a guy that was anti-taxi cab. He refused to take cabs; he refused to tip. It was this horrible cheapness. It started pouring, and I had no umbrella, and we got in a huge fight in the middle of the street because I wanted to take a cab so my hair wouldn’t frizz.”

ARTHUR KADE, Web phenom, lover of self: “I was with a beautiful model in NYC who neglected to tell me she was married. The next day, I received a call from her to meet her at a restaurant for lunch. When I showed up, there were two men [there] who worked for her husband, who told me that if I ever see her again, bad things would happen. Needless to say, there was no second date.”

STEVE WARD, CEO of Master Matchmakers and host of VH1’s “Tough Love”: “The night didn’t even last a drink. She began to go on and on like a car spiraling out of control over a cliff about all her friends, and stuff, and experience — just being her fabulous self. When it occurred to me that the only meaningful thing she’s ever accomplished in her 23 years was graduating from high school, I decided it wasn’t even worth taking the time to explain why I wanted to get out of there so badly or die trying.”