Abortion Doctor Wants Bail

Plus a huge mob bust, more bad news for the PPA, a Flyers victory and more of what Philly is talking about this morning

Mob Mentality. More than 127 mobsters were arrested yesterday in northeastern states. The arrests come as Philadelphia officials gather evidence against reputed local mob boss Joseph “Uncle Joe” Ligambi. [Inquirer]

Speaking of Mobsters … Whatever happened to John-John Veasey? (The Scoop is shameless in his self-promotion this morning.) [Philly Mag]

Unbelievably, It Gets Worse. As details emerge in the case against West Philly’s Dr. Kermit Gosnell, dubbed “the abortion doctor,” victims have come forward alleging that he forced women to abort their pregnancies. [Daily News] At yesterday’s arraignment, Gosnell seemed genuinely confused when he was denied bail, according to one reporter. [Daily News]

PPA Continues to Make People Hate Them. The PPA is being sued by the family of a severely disable girl, because the organization denied the family’s request for a handicapped spot in front of their home. [Daily News]

Flyers Win! And the Daily News runs a great, punny headline: “In the End, Flyers Beat Ottawa Sens-less.” [Daily News]

Local Software Company Accused of Scamming Customers. Employees at Ascentive claim their software can alleviate PC problems. According to the complaint against them, “Regardless of whether errors are actually present on a consumer’s PC, Ascentive’s software invariably indicates, in an extremely threatening manner, that dozens of ‘Severe’ errors exist.” A federal class action claim has been filed. [Courthouse News]

Thumbs Up For Michael Nutter. The mayor has requested that all City flags be lowered to half-staff until the funeral of Mark Keeley, the young man killed in the horrible PGW explosion earlier this week. [Philly Clout]