Farewell, Ed

Plus: The alleged Kensington Strangler behind bars, the Kensington Slumlord still wreaking havoc, D-Day in Camden, and more of what Philly’s talking about this morning

“We Got The Motherfucker.” Good news: The cops have arrested 22-year-old Antonio Rodriguez, whom they believe to be the Kensington Strangler. Bad news: They would have had him weeks ago, but because of a chronic backlog in uploading DNA to the state police database—Rodriguez had to donate his DNA to the system upon leaving jail last summer—they didn’t. [Inquirer] Nutter drops a celebratory F-bomb. [Philly Clout]

The Gun-Sales Database Isn’t Up to Snuff Either. Pennsylvania and Delaware are two of the 10 states that fail to report mental-health records to the national background check database, which is used to determine who can buy guns, according to a report by Mayors Against Illegal Guns. [Daily News]

The Ed of an Era. It’s transition day in Harrisburg. Rendell returns to private life; the Corbett era has officially begun. May God have mercy on our souls. [Fox 29] Corbett will be sworn in with his hand on William Penn’s Bible. [Newsworks] Isaiah Thompson over at City Paper has a fun little idea to mark the occasion: Your best 140 characters (a la a Tweet) on Rendell’s tenure might win a prize. Use the hashtag #edsdead. [City Paper; Twitter]

Slumlord Millionaire. Wendy Ruderman and Barbara Laker revisit their October 2009 piece on Robert Coyle Sr., the Kensington slumlord who allegedly defrauded dozens of tenants who poured money into homes they believed they would one day own, only to find themselves being foreclosed upon. He also allegedly filed fake housing inspections with the Landlord Tenant Court. Coyle also owes the city $1 million in unpaid property taxes. [Daily News]

It’s D-Day in Camden. Barring a last-minute solution, the troubled city will lose 163 cops, 60 firefighters, and 150 other city workers today, as part of a cuts necessitated in part by reduced aid from Trenton. [Inquirer]